Details about Breath of the Wild’s second DLC pack has been sparse since E3. However, Nintendo of Europe just recently tweeted some development footage for The Champions’ Ballad and confirmed that you will play as Link in the upcoming DLC, despite learning a lot more about Princess Zelda.

The development footage may only be brief, but it provides a clear insight into the purpose of the DLC. Breath of the Wild’s story was mainly told through memories, and it seems that The Champions’ Ballad will be told in a similar style, while giving more information about Princess Zelda. We read and heard lot about how Zelda herself visited the Champions to check up on them and the Divine Beasts, and it looks like the new DLC will uncover more about that.

There is still no set release date for the DLC, but it has been announced for Winter 2017. What are you hoping for in this second DLC pack? Get in touch and let us know!