You’ve heard Reven’s angelic vocals and fanciful arrangements in Zelda covers including Rozen’s Twilight Princess EP King of Light and Shadow, and Times End II, a Majora’s Mask album from Theophany. In celebration of her recent birthday, Reven released a Skyward Sword cover of her own — Ballad of the Goddess. Not only does she provide vocals for the piece, the harp and guitar are all her.

Reven’s arrangement takes on a bardic-style, which gives the feeling that you’ve just stepped into a medieval tavern. Listening to this cover, I can easily picture Link sitting in the Lumpy Pumpkin, sipping on some ale while Peatrice the Item Check Girl makes eyes at him. You can listen to Reven’s Ballad of the Goddess below, and then make sure to check out the rest of her video game music on Soundcloud and YouTube.

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