Twilight Princess is an emotional game, so if anyone is fit to cover the soundtrack it’s Rozen. His work is more than just pretty instruments that blend nicely; he’s a musical storyteller. When I heard his “Oath to Order” remix, “Termina’s Demise”, I felt like I was standing alongside the residents of Clocktown, bravely facing the crashing Moon. He made me see Fi in a new light with “May We Meet Again”, his arrangement of Fi’s Farewell from Skyward Sword, and “Under Twilit Rain” had me cheering on Midna.

Rozen’s newest album, King of Light and Shadow, revolves around Twilight Princess’s Ganondorf — a change from his previous works that focused more on the good guys. The overall theme to this album is power, which is fitting seeing as Ganondorf holds the Triforce of Power, but even that isn’t good enough for the Dark Lord. All he cares about is what he can control. One of the tracks that really resonates with me is “Redecorating the Castle,” and based on the menacing sounding organ, it doesn’t seem to be a very welcoming place. It’s not enough for Ganondorf to take over the castle, he insists that even the smallest details must be changed to suit his desire.

With its sinister sounds, King of Light and Shadow perfectly personifies Ganondorf. The instrumentals are marvelously wicked, and Reven lends her lovely voice to the album, adding a somber tone representative of Zelda’s suffering at the hands of the evil one. Rozen’s King of Light and Shadow is available on Loudr for $4.95 and is well worth it.