Reggie Fils-Aime has created a huge fan following for himself since making public appearances for Nintendo. Reggie’s huge personality mixed with his tendency to go off script have endeared him to most Nintendo fans. During E3, Reggie was interviewed by CBC and questioned about his fan status amongst Nintendo fans. The head of Nintendo of America had some typically interesting replies and insights.

“I’m fortunate that some very creative things come out of my mouth”

Reggie felt that fans see him as someone who “loves the content” and “loves the company”. He described his near 14 year run as President of Nintendo of America as a “fantastic journey” which he is very “passionate” about. Reggie praised the dedicated fanbase that “runs with” every idea he has ever had. He was “a fan and a player” before working for Nintendo, which Reggie believed helped with his fan perception. Reggie “grew up playing the Super Nintendo” and favoured A Link to the Past, which makes him much more relatable than a typical executive in a gaming company.

Reggie’s interviews and comments are typically newsworthy and important. He is someone who understands fan demands and even recently acknowledged how much people want a virtual console for the Switch. His personality and awareness of fan demands make him a very likeable personality. Hopefully Reggie will be in his role at Nintendo for the foreseeable future and will continue to be as popular and respected as he is now.

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