Nintendo Switch 3.0.0 update is live, bringing a plethora of much-needed updates to the console. None of them are massive changes like a new UI or anything like that, but there are a ton of minor fixes that overall, make a big difference in the long run. Here’s a list of all the updates that were made:

  • Register a channel to get news specifically about the game you select.
  • Add friends from both the Nintendo 3DS family systems and the Nintendo Wii U
  • Now choose to turn off or on notifications for when your friends get online
  • Find paired controllers that are within range of the Switch, causing the controllers to vibrate
  • Change the order of the user icons on the home menu
  • Six new characters from Splatoon 2 to be used as user icons
  • Access volume control from the quick settings menu
  • Added a feature that allows a user to lower the maximum volume of a headset connected via the headphone jack (basically, you can avoid accidentally blasting your eardrums)
  • Settings to invert colors or greyscale
  • Use any USB keyboard to type whenever a keyboard is on screen
  • Use the Pro Controller wired by having its charger cable connected to the USB port on the dock
  • Update the Joy-Cons via the settings menu
  • A feature that suggests software data to be deleted when memory is near full
  • Bug fixes including one that would cause updates to fail and lock up the software they were for, and an issue where the HDMI input on certain TVs would change due to the dock being in sleep mode

That’s a pretty large and welcome list of changes and fixes. Of course, there’s plenty more fixes coming as they iron out more and more bugs and features. Hopefully, we’ll get that file management update sooner rather than later.