Are you someone who wants to be able to jump and then go into slow motion? If you are then this could be the perfect product for you!

Merchoid have opened up pre-orders for a spectacular bow and arrow set based on Breath of the Wild. This official Nintendo product is based on Link’s bow and arrow from the game and is a must have for any cosplayer or collector.

You can pre-order this bow and arrow set from Merchoid now for $32.99. Be quick though as units are selling out quickly! If you are lucky enough to get a pre-order then Merchoid will ship the item out in September 2017.

The bow and arrow set is recommended for ages five and up, probably because Nintendo doesn’t want young children testing to see if the arrow sets alight when shot through fire (In fact if you plan to shoot this arrow through fire then I wouldn’t recommend getting it). But if you are a serious Zelda collector or cosplayer then this is the product for you, and it goes very well with the Breath of the Wild shield bag. If you’re a big enough collector, then you may even be interested in a truly unique jacket based on Breath of the Wild too.

If you’re a Zelda collector or cosplayer then be sure to send your pictures into Zelda Universe via Instagram!