I’ve spent a good while laughing at this today, when I should be preparing for E3.

Now, I’m no connoisseur when it comes to fashion (is something everyone wants to hear on an article about a new jacket), but I’m going to wager that this new apparel from Musterbrand is only going to appeal to the most hardcore of Zelda collectors.

Available now via the Musterbrand online store, it costs €369, is limited to 300 pieces and “will not be remade”. On the outside, it looks like a regular leather jacket, but on the inside — oh boy! It’s Link, climbing up your back.

Okay, so that artwork is obviously beautiful — iconic, in fact, at this point. There’s no disputing that. I dare say I’d happily rock that vista of Link climbing a mountain on my clothes. You know, on a shirt or hoodie. Not hidden away from sight like I need to hide my Zelda fandom but for some reason still want to nerd out in stealth mode.

Apparently, “The Breath of the Wild limited Leather Jacket is the ultimate armor for the Hyrule adventurer”. I don’t see Link running around in a leather jacket though — perhaps his one would have artwork of his CD-i adventures that he’s so ashamed of? Anyway, the jacket is “made of an exquisite, soft-to-the-touch lamb leather” and “contoured for a comfortable fit.”

“The cross details along the arms and chest translate Hyrule’s style into contemporary fashion, while the symbol of the Sheikah embroidered on the back signals your journey to other watchful adventurers.” It’s signalling something, all right.

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Maybe I’m looking at this all wrong. Maybe it’s for people who find themselves in the plight presented by that one episode of Seinfeld, wherein Jerry needs to turn his expensive jacket inside out to avoid the snow from ruining the material. You do so, and as you shrewdly reverse the sleeves to avert your pricey threads from suffering a frosty fate, boom — you reveal to your friends you were wearing a Zelda jacket the whole time. Unlike the poor reaction that Jerry’s candy strip lining interior received, however, your group instead rejoices over the fact that now Link is here to save you from that corroding climate. Then you later reflect on the whole thing as a huge metaphorical life lesson: it was the Zelda fan on the inside that brought you together. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Just don’t go calling out that price tag too loudly. There’s a George Costanza in every circle of friends.

On a side note, that’s renowned Zelda fan and cosplayer Li Kovacs modelling the jacket. Regardless of what I think of the product, it’s nice to see that she’s still being recognised and called upon by Nintendo to model their Zelda merchandise. Way to go, Li!

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