It was announced this past week that the last set of new badges for the Nintendo Badge Arcade will be hitting the application later this week for both Europe and North America. The news comes roughly a month after the last update for the application in the Japan region. Europe will see its last update on June 23, 2017, while North America will be ending a day earlier on June 22.

Fret not if you’re a fan of the “freemium” game. It’s not vanishing, but the Arcade has reached its upper limit of storage for new badges. This means future batches of badge catchers will be assembled from all of the catchers that have released so far. (Nearly three years’ worth.) If there are sets of badges you’ve yet to complete, or you want to catch ’em all (to borrow a popular phrase), now you’ll have plenty of time. Two free plays a day will be offered to make it a bit easier for you.

I’ve always been a fan of the Badge Arcade. Collecting a Wind Waker Ganondorf badge was one of my greatest achievements, and the holiday-themed badges were some of my favorites. But I’m happy knowing there’s still a chance I’ll one day finally get that Majora’s Mask moon badge — at least until Nintendo shuts down the application for good. (Knock on wood!) Is there a particular badge or badge set you’re looking to collect? Let us know!

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