Once named Secret Legend, the newly titled Tunic has been thrust back into the spotlight with a new trailer during E3’s PC Gaming Show. This isometric game, as many might’ve noticed already, takes some cues from 2D Zelda entries. That being said, this beautifully rendered indie title has legs of its own — little fox legs, that is.

While targeting and stamina might only be found in 3D Zelda games, Tunic embraces both, and other action-based design choices from recent games, in order to make this top-down game feel fresh. We’ve also come to find out that our canine compadre apparently does not belong to this world and, if the teaser site has anything to say about it, this mystery is just the tip of the secretive iceberg that will be unraveled along your journey.

Andrew Shouldice was originally the sole creator/designer of this game, but he is now joined by a small team and notable publisher Finji (Night in the Woods, Overland). With this new help, Tunic is well on its way to a 2018 release window for PC, Mac, and consoles (although we do not know the specific console platforms yet). If you are interested in learning more, you can sign up for updates on their website here. And, if you’re itching for a small challenge, you might find a secret that’s already waiting there to be decoded.

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