Last weekend at PAX West, the Legend of Zelda inspired game Secret Legend quickly entered into the conversation of coolest titles on display at the annual gaming festival. The video below features an interview with lone creator and developer Andrew Shouldice, along with footage from the game. Shouldice — who quit his job to create this game — discusses what influenced him during development, as well as gameplay features.

With it’s sword wielding fox and a gorgeous world to explore, Secret Legends wears the creator’s affinity for early Zelda titles on it’s sleeve. Although the gameplay’s action buttons are based on PlayStation’s DualShock controllers, there are unfortunately no concrete details yet on what platforms the game will appear on, or its release date. However, you can sign up for updates at the official Secret Legends website.

SourcePC Gamer
  • Andrew Defty

    The isometric level/world design reminds me of Landstalker… Which was a great game too!
    I really like the look of this, and I hope Nintendo grab this for NX!

  • Ryan Haney

    The way the camera is set up reminds me of Super Mario RPG.

  • rafael

    this seems very fun, if it comes to the wii u or nx i just hope its not too small, this seems like something i would enjoy playing for a long time

  • LinksDaydream

    I need this