Breath of the Wild featured a wide array of fun and engaging characters to interact with. Each character had a unique personality and provided an important role in Link’s main quest. Etsy user ieafy has provided the perfect way to celebrate the game’s cast by creating eight different stickers featuring these characters.

Each sticker is approximately 1.5 to 2 x 2 inches in size and is sold individually.

The art style of each sticker depicts each character in a really cute way. Each sticker is only $2.80 Canadian too, so there’s a huge incentive to get them all! They are currently available on ileafy’s Etsy shop, which also features these sticker designs as charms too.

Each handmade charm is 1.5 inches and double sided. They’re sold separately but there’s an exclusive Link charm available if you order all of them. They are sold for $9.79 Canadian.

There’s been a whole range of official and unofficial merchandise based on Breath of the Wild. From Goddess Statues to shield backpacks, there’s so many different ways to show your passion for the latest Zelda game. That said, there are few items that have such a charming and unique style as these stickers and charms. Get yours today!

Source Etsy