The Statues of the Goddesses provide one of the most important features in Breath of the Wild. It would be almost impossible to traverse the beautiful world of Hyrule without the hearts and stamina these idols provide.

Fortunately for us in the real world, 3D Central is currently selling Goddess Statues — perfect for any Zelda fan! These statues are 7.5 inches tall and are available in either an unpainted white for $41, or a stone finish for $83. Alternatively, you can download the template from their shop to create the statue with your own 3D printer.

This item is one of the many kinds of merchandise following the huge success of Breath of the Wild.  Scarves, a pin set, and even a chess board are among the unique offerings. While you have your wallet out you may also want to search for the new Zelda Amiibo, which are currently available to preorder at certain locations.

Sadly these statues don’t offer the ability to give you an extra heart or more stamina. But each statue captures the simple beauty of the Statues of the Goddesses, and will fit perfectly in your home or garden.