Hello there readers! I know it hasn’t been that long since I last reached out to you guys for help, after the recent media blowout following the Nintendo Switch launch. On that note, we hope you’ve enjoyed the fantastic articles from this year’s new main contributors, Stan Cohen and Joan Tomko! This year has already been phenomenal for us Nintendo fans, with the madness refusing to cease — and we’re not even halfway through it yet. June is fast approaching though, and we all know what that means: E3 is coming.

At this point we’ve all got our hands on a Switch, had ample time to get a good feel for the console and overloaded ourselves on the incredible experience that is Breath of the Wild. It’s been a very strong start for Nintendo’s system, but this is still just the beginning. This will be the first Nintendo E3 presentation since the console’s launch, and you can bet they’re preparing to go all out.

Those chomping at the bit for more Breath of the Wild are anticipating the two DLC packs coming this year, and with the success that the game has attained, you can be sure that Nintendo will be eager to show these during their Nintendo Spotlight presentation. We can also expect many surprises from the company too with new IP promised, and perhaps we’ll see some upcoming apps and peripherals for the Switch. Reggie has confirmed that the Switch’s portable cousin won’t be forgotten about either, with new software on the way for the 3DS.

By joining our news team, you could help share all of these momentous new details with fellow gamers, delivering exciting articles hot off the press through the largest Zelda fansite around. I’m inviting you to come work with like-minded Nintendo fanatics who can help shape you into a top reporter, and have your work read by thousands of Zelda fans!

So how about it?

How to apply

First of all, please only apply if you:

  • have previous writing experience.
  • are aged 18 or over.
  • are fluent, experienced and creative in your use of the English language.

And you can:

  • write a minimum of two news articles per week.
  • remain committed to this position for a decent amount of time.
  • keep in frequent contact with the rest of the staff using our online chat room (you are expected to co-ordinate with us as a team, not independently).

Does that sound like you? Great! Send us your application to jobs@zeldauniverse.net with the subject header “News Reporter Application“. Here’s what you need to include:

  • name.
  • age.
  • a detailed (but not unnecessarily long) overview of your previous working experience. We want to know about your writing experience above all.
  • samples of your work (via links or attachments).We’re most interested in seeing articles you have produced; obviously news articles would be ideal, but feature articles are also welcome. Feel free to send us anything else that demonstrates your writing ability: editorials, theories,, essays, blogs, fictional works, etc.

It may take us a little while for us to select the most suitable applicants, so please don’t feel discouraged if we don’t respond straight away (and please don’t spam us with repeated entries; it won’t help you!). It may take up to a week or longer before we pick you.

We’re very professional about what we do here, but we also have a ton of fun while doing it! We have a highly talented and very friendly team ready to welcome you. Please note that this is a voluntary position, so staff are not paid.

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