Nintendo usually provides us with a wide array of finishes to their consoles over time– there’s probably more 3DS variations than there are Korok Seeds by now — but as we’re still early on in the Switch’s life cycle, your options are limited to the grey version or the blue and red neon variant. (Although there are those neon yellow Joy-Cons dropping with Arms next month…)

In the meantime though, you can get your system or your Joy-Cons customized yourself thanks to the folks over at Controller Chaos. Recently they put up this awesome galaxy paint job for both the system itself and the Joy-Cons. Check it out!

The system is actually available to buy over on the website, albeit with a bit of a mark-up to cover the cost of customisation. If you don’t quite fancy springing for an entirely new console though there are a variety of custom JoyCons you can pick up, including a rather cool-looking Zelda set!

What sort of customisation or special Switch sets would you like to see? Let us know in the comments!

Source Reddit