All that sword swinging and arrow firing is so barbaric. Frankly, Link and Ganon should settle their differences in a far more civilized manner. There are too many languages in Hyrule so Scrabble is probably out, but luckily there’s now a beautiful chess set available, courtesy of USAopoly.

The set is based around Ocarina of Time, with Link and Ganondorf taking on the role of King for both sides, and Zelda and Twinrova acting as the respective Queens. On Link’s side of the board Darunia, Epona, and Impa act as Rooks, Knights, and Bishops respectively; whereas those roles are filled by Armos, Phantom Ganon’s horse, and Iron Knuckles on the dark side. Pawns are replaced by fairies and Deku Scrubs.

The set is only available in the US and Canada right now, and a list of stockists can be found on the USAopoly website. There’s also a Gamestop exclusive set featuring silver hero pieces rather than the gold ones found in the standard set. Check out a few gorgeous pics below!

Source USAopoly
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