Last year, Zelda celebrated its 30th anniversary. There are few, if any, video games which have such a long and celebrated history like this series. However, in the world of board games, there is one game that stands out just like Zelda. Chess. Now the two have been combined into a collector’s edition.

Merchoid is a retailer which specializes in gaming, comic, TV show and movie merchandise. Currently there are many Zelda products available on their site. Their collector’s edition chess set truly stands out as a remarkable and elegant product, perfect for any Zelda fan and collector.

The chess set is based on Ocarina of Time and depicts many of the game’s characters as pieces in the set. Each piece has been custom sculpted from vinyl and has a metallic finish.

On one side of the board the characters used are:

  • Link as King
  • Zelda as Queen
  • Impa as the Bishops
  • Epona as the Knights
  • Darunia as the Rooks
  • Navi as the Pawns

The enemies used are:

  • Ganon as King
  • Twinrova as Queen
  • Iron Knuckle as Bishops
  • Phantom as Knights
  • Armos as Rooks
  • Deku Scrubs as Pawns

Each character chess piece measures from 1.5 to 2.5 inches high. The game board itself is 16.5 inches long and 10.5 inches wide.

You can order this fantastic collector’s piece over on Merchoid, with sets shipping out in April 2017. Please note that there is limited stock for this item!

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