Yesterday’s Nintendo Direct officially revealed the rumored three new Zelda Amiibo. While there’s currently no official information regarding what features or game compatibility they’ll have, we’ve learned today that at least two of the three are retailer-exclusive.

The Twilight Princess Link is available from Gamestop

…while Skyward Sword Link is available from Amazon.

As for the Majora’s Mask Link amiibo, no word yet on its exclusivity has been said. However, there may be a faint ray of hope that it won’t be exclusive to any one retailer. It’s not much to go on, but out of these three Amiibo only the Majora’s Mask packaging has the 30th Anniversary emblem on it. None of the previous Zelda Anniversary Amiibo were retailer-exclusive, so it’s possible as a continuation of that line our young masked hero won’t be either.

Unfortunately, until we hear official word from Nintendo it’s never safe to assume anything. Some fans are already frustrated at how challenging it can be to get certain Amiibo, and store exclusivity isn’t helping the availability. But these announcements are taking place well before the June 23 release date, so hopefully that’s an indication there will be plenty go go around. However, if you’re looking to buy these new Amiibo make sure you order as soon as possible — just in case!