There are few consoles as beloved and remembered as the Nintendo 64. Recently an anthology released documenting the great history for the console, and an N64 has even been adapted into a working dock for the Nintendo Switch. People still reminisce about the “golden days” of gaming and the fantastic game lineup for the N64. However, organizing the classic library of games was always a problem; without anything on the spine (top) of the cartridge to indicate what game it was. This issue made it really challenging to quickly search for a game.

AfterMidnightps on Etsy has come up with an ingenious way to solve this problem. For $20 you can now buy a collection of stickers which go on the spine of the cartridge and clearly state which game it is. Each sticker also stays true to the design of the original packaging by using the same font and colours. Sadly you can’t order individual stickers so you have to buy all 296 stickers (though this does include both classic Zelda games!).

So if you own all or most N64 games or are a budding collector, this could be perfect for you. Even if you’re just looking for some nostalgia, or are planning to complete your collection, then this is the perfect item to buy! You can order the over on Etsy.

If only someone had created these when the N64 first came out!

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