There are few consoles with the legacy and history of the Nintendo 64. Despite there being less than 400 games for the console (and many being pretty bad) there are countless classics which fans still reminisce about to this day. There’s even been a recent anthology written which documents the history of the console and reviews each game. Sadly, many of us now have N64s that haven’t worked for years, no matter how much you blow in the cartridge slot or game cartridge.

Reddit user Tettzan777 has come up with a  truly unique way to make use of an old N64. Using the Nintendo 64 as a dock allows gamers to combine their beloved N64 with the Switch. Tettzan777 has also announced that they’ll be sharing a video later to show how they created this dock.

Don’t worry, no Nintendo consoles were hurt in the making of the video… Sadly the N64 was already dead and not working.

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