With so much to see and do in Breath of the Wild, players have been experimenting with the physics engine. The realism created in the game allows for players to explore in new and unique ways. Perhaps the most exciting way to travel is shield surfing. Despite the excitement of this, there is always a risk of falling. HelixSnake on YouTube experienced just this in perhaps one of the biggest wipeouts seen so far in the game.

Setting fire to your shield (or pot lid) may make you look cool when surfing, but perhaps isn’t the wisest idea — unless of course you want to experience a fall like this for yourself. The realism in Breath of the Wild can help you live out most stunt performing dreams in ways probably the developers didn’t even expect.

  • Ryan Haney

    How do you initiate a shield surf?

    • Raphael

      pull shield out jump then in mid air press A…

      • grevlinghore

        Alternatively, press L2+A any time you find yourself mid-air. That´ll get you surfing regardless of whether the shield is “out”, but you must have one equipped.

        I just practiced the inputs for a few minutes to the point that I could (on a flat surface) jump, initiate shield surf, and remove the shield again before hitting the ground.
        This trick is also useful for covering a bit more ground when jumping, and can let you reach some things you weren´t necessarily intended to. Very useful in certain shrines, for example.