With Breath of the Wild being out for nearly a month now, it was only natural for the speedrunning community to put the various versions of the game through its paces to find out which one is the fastest. After a fair amount of testing, it appears that the German version is optimal for speedrunning purposes. In addition, the Wii U version appears to be slightly faster than the Switch’s due to quicker load times and transitions. In fact, playing the game in German on the Wii U will save a bare minimum of forty-one seconds from loading times alone.

In a handy video put together by dragonbane, you can see how all of the versions compare to one another when playing the first cutscene of Breath of the Wild.

Interestingly enough, many games in the Zelda series have the Japanese version as the fastest, but it’s one of the slowest options shown here. Then again, German is the fastest version for Twilight Princess HD as well, so I suppose it isn’t too surprising.

If you’re curious, I highly recommend checking out some speedruns of Breath of the Wild, especially the “All Dungeons” category. If nothing else, do it to hear Zelda talk about der Shiekah-Stein.