Reggie Fils-Aime was recently interviewed by the Washington Post and answered questions on Nintendo’s approach to third party games on the Nintendo Switch. His comments were incredibly positive and point to a bright future with big developers on board.

Third party content has been a huge topic of discussion for many fans of Nintendo. Arguably, their last two consoles have struggled to attract the third party support that the big two competitors have had. Reggie reveals his excitement to now have some big name developers supporting the Nintendo’s newest console: “We’re thrilled that companies like Bethesda are bringing content to Nintendo Switch, sometimes for the first time on a Nintendo platform.” Having this support from third parties (especially bigger ones like EA or Bethesda) speaks volumes to the successfulness and allure of the Switch. To be able to bring in some of these bigger developers for the first time in the history of Nintendo is truly a huge accomplishment, which Reggie acknowledges by stating “What that tells us is that we have a platform that the big third-party developers see a lot of promise in…”

Reggie also reveals his passion for Indie games (Nindies) and the importance that they have for the Nintendo Switch. “We love that we make it easy for independent developers like these to create content with our platform and we think that will help make Nintendo Switch into a long-term success.” Independent games have never had a bigger market share and are constantly bringing new and unique ideas to gaming. Nintendo has embraced this with the Switch and has provided the Nindies a huge platform to succeed.

Many Wii U owners often criticized Nintendo for their lack of third party support on the system. The console lived and died from the games developed by Nintendo. It’s fantastic to see so much optimism around third party support. We all hope that, as Reggie believes, third party support will bring long term success to the console.