This is my last article before finally playing Breath of the Wild, and yet we’ve had so much for it though it has not been released. While I am already thrilled to finally have the chance to play this game, the fanart people have been creating has made me even more excited! The love and dedication that these fans show through their work is incredible, and in this special Fanart Friday occasion being the release date of Breath of the Wild, here are some pieces that have really captured my eye and got me pumped for this game!

The following artists are all listed by their DeviantArt names. Please give their pages a visit if you enjoy their artwork here!

Zelda – Breath of the Wild by Chinchongcha

A very serene portrait of Zelda, done in a light and airy style and well accompanied by some feathers flowing in the breeze behind her. You’ll be hearing this a lot in this article, but I love how the artist draws Zelda’s hair flowing freely in the wind. She is depicted so elegantly as the sun beams down on her hopeful grace. The flowers in her hand seem so real,  it’s amazing!

Breath of the love by Queen-Zelda

Queen-Zelda has been an artist that I’ve been following for quite some time. Her ZeLink heart always makes me smile, and there’s no exception for her brilliant Breath of the Wild piece! In the trailers, there seems to be some intense action between Zelda and her hero, and I hope that this art piece is something like what we’ll be seeing in the game! Okay, probably not by this much, but a girl can dream!

Breath of the Wild Zelda by muse-kr

A very beautiful, anime-influenced interpretation of the lovely Zelda as she appears in the game. I love the sunset tone and the way her hair whisks in the wind! The plantlife was a nice inclusion that helps set the tone of the wilderness. The way she is posed, it looks like you are the hero and she is thanking you directly, which is a very nice touch!

BotW Zelda by bellhenge

Zelda is already a gorgeous character, and bellhenge manages to somehow make her even more beautiful! The painterly style is simply stunning, and the lighting really sets the tone of the artwork. Her eyes as pretty as gemstones and the way the wind moves her hair is sure to capture the heart of players everywhere!

Link Breath of the Wild by Solfei

Another very stylistic interpretation of our beloved characters, this time featuring Link! The pose is spot on and full of movement, and the intensity of the arrow charging up can be seen throughout the piece! The detail is great and the coloring is beautifully done; if only we could see the scene play out with Link taking down his tremendous foe!

Breath of the Wild by HyliaBeilschmidt

Another artist I’ve been admiring for some time takes on Link’s latest look. I’ve always loved the distinct style used by this artist. The wilderness looks so beautiful! In this piece of art, Link wears the cloak we saw him wear in the first ever trailer, bringing feelings of nostalgia (already, I know!). The intense look on his face makes me interested in what lies ahead for him!

Zelda – Breath of the Wild No.01 by Viccolatte

Our favorite princess returns again in a more serene environment, gracefully treading calm waters. Zelda looks so at home in her calm environment, as though she is at one with nature. The artist accentuates her beauty through the detail in her eyelashes, her golden hair, her delicate frame — all captured with such grace!

Link: Breath of the Wild by NUMYUMY

Another fantastic rendition of Link in a splendid art style! It looks like it is painted to perfection! The colors are bright and vivid, and the shading looks natural. The details in the bow, gloves, and hair stand out phenomenally. His eyes look so real and intense, his body showing movement and dexterity. This is the hero I’ve been waiting for all this time!

These are only but a few of the amazing fanart pieces shared by wonderful artists, who are just as excited as we are for the release of this game. Now we can finally rejoice together as the day has finally come!