Breath of the Wild is now only two days away from launch, and excitement for the new release is at its peak. We have heard Nintendo talk a number of times about rethinking conventions and offering a whole new level of player freedom. Answering fan questions from Nintendo France, Aonuma expands on this aspect, stating that there is no particular set order to complete the dungeons in the new Zelda release (the translation comes courtesy of Perfectly Nintendo).

“What I would really like is for players to explore the dungeons as they discover them [in the world], instead of trying to complete them in a specific order. That’s how the game was designed, and it’s more fun that way.” Aonuma reveals that, unlike most games within the Zelda series, there is no set order to follow when completing the dungeons. In fact, there is not even a recommended order. All signs point to Breath of the Wild providing more freedom than ever before.

Aonuma does go on to state that “there are tons of sidequests.” It seems like there will be plenty to engage with outside of the main story. Sidequests have often provided some of the most memorable moments in Zelda history, so it’s great to hear that there’ll be “tons” to enjoy.

Lastly, if you aren’t already jealous enough of Aonuma and his awesome role in the Zelda franchise, then this quotation is sure to make you greener than Link’s traditional tunic.

“During development, I had to beat the game six times, and every time, I completed the dungeons in a completely different order.”

It won’t be long until we all get the chance to take on Breath of the Wild in our own way. I’m sure that many of us plan to complete it over and over again: perhaps even overtaking the number of times Aonuma has beaten the game!

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