When thinking about love in The Legend of Zelda, a few couples come to mind. Link and Zelda are of course a big one, then there’s Anju and Kafei, and Yeto and Yeta. But what about the other townsfolk like Guru-Guru, the Windmill Man in Ocarina of Time? One day he was minding his own business, happily playing in the windmill, when some kid came in playing some song on his ocarina that messed up the windmill, ruining poor Guru-Guru’s life.

Now how did a fast running windmill turn a jolly man like Guru-Guru irate? Well I have a theory. No one is that bitter unless there’s a failed romance involved. What I think happened is Guru-Guru took his girlfriend out for a picnic when he tried to show off for her and played the newly learned Song of Storms. This caused a torrential downpour and his girlfriend’s outfit got soaked. To make matters worse, instead of helping her he made an inappropriate remark about her entering a wet t-shirt contest. The busted windmill serves as a reminder of what he lost, and it’s all because of Link.

Guru-Guru may be crazy, but we still love him. To honor Guru-Guru on a day that normally revolves around Zelink and other popular pairings, Rozen has a phenomenal new arrangement of Song of Storms, featuring Patti Rudisill on violin, Mason Lieberman on cello, Kristin Naigus on Irish whistle, and Jose Daniel Ruiz on accordion. So give it a listen, and happy Valentine’s day everyone!