We’ve all got our favourite Zelda games, but there’s no denying the impact that Ocarina of Time had on the franchise and gaming in general. For many of us, the series’ 3D debut back on the N64 (and it’s subsequent facelift on 3DS) is still the pinnacle of Zelda, maybe even video games as a whole. I personally must play through it at least once every couple of years and it still hasn’t gotten old.

So, since 1998, us Ocarina of Time fetishists have been waiting for a Zelda game to top it. The weight of that iteration is also something Eiji Aonuma has also felt over the years, with the game itself having served as a template for subsequent releases. But with those games referencing Ocarina so much, Aonuma feels that he hasn’t been able to do better and go further than the N64 classic. But in an interview with Gameblog (translated by the good folks over at Perfectly Nintendo), Aonuma has described how by throwing out the conventions established back then, he believes Breath of the Wild has finally overcome Ocarina of Time.

Elsewhere in the interview, Aonuma also mentions, without going into specifics, that several ideas for Breath of the Wild never made it into the final game, but have been kept back for future entries into the series, that may even challenge the conventions established in Breath of the Wild. The game isn’t even out yet and already Aonuma is concocting ways in which to keep us players guessing as to what’s next for the series! That potential second Zelda game on Switch could be something entirely different to Breath of the Wild it seems!

Do you think Breath of the Wild will top Ocarina of Time or your personal favourite entry into the series? We’ve only got three more weeks until we find out!

  • Ultima Link

    I am scared that it will top my personal favorite Zelda game of all time and also its my favorite game of all time: A Link To The Past but at the same time I am excited and hoping it does cuz I always wanted an anime style zelda game since wind waker

    • KilluaXGod

      Well, at least we’ll get a good game, even if it does topple your favourite?

  • Ulises

    Not trying to be rude but didn’t he said the same about TWW, TP, and SS? I mean I’m pretty sure this is not the first time I’m hearing this…

    • burchdude65

      Those games still largely followed the Zelda formula established by Ocarnia of Time (and arguably A Link to the Past).

      Breath of the Wild feels less like “another” Zelda game and more like the next huge leap forward for the series. Even if Aonuma made similar comments in the past, something seems different this time.

  • somebodynow

    Well, He is wrong. Ocarina of Time will always and forever be the best Zelda.

    • Daniel Ireland

      That’s silly. OoT will always have a special place for Zelda fans and is an amazing game but you can’t just say that without even having played the new game lol.

  • Mac Smith

    Really, though, until I saw the Breath of the Wild trailers and E3 gameplay videos, my opinion of the best Zelda title immediately “switched” (pun intended). I actually find myself under the impression that Breath of the Wild will come out on top as my favorite.

  • Manny

    OoT will always be the best, especially cause of the music.. The one item that should be brought back is the Ocarina again…

  • Ganondora

    No. One cannot top OoT until you’ve given me Ganondorf.