If you prefer digital format for your video games and were worried about having nothing to play on your Nintendo Switch come March 3, you’ll be happy to know the Nintendo Switch eShop will be available day-one on the new console.

Confirmation of this came via Square Enix’s announcement that I am Setsuna — a JRPG that hearkens back to classic games such as Chrono Trigger — will be available as a launch game for the Nintendo Switch. I am Setsuna is a digital-only title, so it stands to reason the eShop will be up and running on the Switch from the first day.

I personally find this to be great news. While I prefer physical media when it comes to my video games, I also love the unique experiences that can be found only in digital stores such as the Nintendo eShop. Snipperclips in particular has caught my eye, and I’m glad I won’t need to wait long for it to become available.

Will you be utilizing the eShop exclusively for your Switch gaming? Or will it supplement your physical library? Tell us if you’ll be taking advantage of it or not, and what you’re eager to play!

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