UPDATE: The submission period has ended. Winners of the art prints will be announced around February 7.

We’re in the midst of saying farewell to Zelda’s 30th anniversary year, and we’re sending it out with a bang by asking you – the fans – to share how much The Legend of Zelda means to you. Over the past two weeks we invited you to submit photos of your Zelda collections and fan art, and this week we’re moving onto something written: we want you to write about your favorite memory associated with The Legend of Zelda.

Your memory can be absolutely anything, as long as it’s about The Legend of Zelda. For myself, I’d have trouble choosing just one! I might write about how it felt the first time I beat a Zelda game, or the fact that I met my husband because of Zelda. I might also write about the time I watched the Symphony of the Goddesses, surrounded by Zelda fans, at the iconic Sydney Opera House. And that’s not to mention all of the incredible moments that have come from running a Legend of Zelda website for more than 15 years. Zelda has had a huge impact on my life, and I know it’s impacted so many of you who are reading this as well. No matter how big or seemingly insignificant your favorite memory is, if it’s special to you, we would love to hear about it.

You have a maximum of 200 words to write about your memory, and we’re accepting one submission per person. Submissions will be open this week, and you can send in yours via the widget below, or on our Gleam website.

Triforce Tributes: Memories of Zelda

We have ten sets of 30th anniversary art prints to give away, thanks to Nintendo Australia, to some of our favorite memories. Each winner will received a collection of three images from the following set:

Tomorrow we’ll also be announcing the winners of the collections rewards, so look out for that, and we’ll announce the winners of last week’s fan art theme next week. To see the other types of Zelda fandom we’ll be celebrating over the next few weeks, you can find all of the information in the Triforce Tributes announcement post.

May the Triforce be with you!

  • grevlinghore

    There are so many magical memories to choose from, across so many games.
    One thing that was exceptionally exciting to 8 year-old me back in 98 when Ocarina of Time came out, was the manual, actually.
    I had the black / dark color-themed manual, not the gold and white one that a lot of people had, and I actually think that that amplified the experience I had browsing it a bit over those who had the more mundane, white-paged one.
    Anyway, I recall looking through the manual before sleeping each night. I would look at the pictures and item descriptions, and think:

    “Wow, that player must have gotten really far and seen a lot of cool stuff since he has so many hearts!”


    “Look at all that amazing equipment! Can´t wait till I find some of these… Master Sword… Mirror Shield… Blue Tunic… Ice Arrow…”

    Not to mention looking at the map and imagining what it would be like to visit all of those far off places and what kind of adventures I might have there.

    Also, the manual smelled really nice. You know, fresh paper and ink and whatever other magic mojo manuals were made of. I loved just smelling it sometimes.

    Oh, and there were also these magical full-page artworks between each language in the manual, which were a real treat to study.

    See, all of this stuff had such a significant impact on me, and that´s just from a booklet that came with a game.
    Of course, the Majora´s Mask booklet was almost as cool as the one OoT had, and both games – nay, all of the games – totally lived up to what I was imagining as I lay in bed browsing them.
    That´s just how amazing The Legend of Zelda is as a franchise;
    From 1986 to 2017, if you pick up a Zelda title, you pick the finest gaming experience on offer.