How different will Breath of the Wild for Wii U be from the Switch version? It’s a question that’s undoubtedly been on the backs of the minds of Wii U owners for some time; in particular if those same owners aren’t ready to switch to the Switch for reasons of their own. With news of enhanced ports and outright sequels for some of the Wii U’s better titles coming to the Switch, fans have every reason to worry what they may be missing out on if they don’t shell out for a new console.

Change is inevitable with every console launch, but there’s no reason to exactly worry if you’re sticking to your Wii U. While Breath of the Wild will look shinier on the Switch, content-wise there are no differences between the two versions. You’ll still be getting the same amazing game — one of Nintendo’s biggest releases to date, if not the biggest — and you’ll get it on the same day as everyone else when it releases on March 3, 2017. Even the 30 fps frame rate is the same for both versions.

But yes, there are differences. Recently, IGN sat down with Nintendo to get the specifics. Here is what they learned:

  • On a TV, the Nintendo Switch version of the game renders in 900p while the Wii U version renders in 720p.
  • The Nintendo Switch version has higher-quality environmental sounds. As a result, the sound of steps, water, grass, etc. are more realistic and enhance the game’s Open-Air feel.
  • The physical copy of the Wii U version will require 3GB of available memory on the Wii U system or an external drive.
  • Some icons, such as onscreen buttons, differ between the two versions.
  • A Special Edition and Master Edition of the Wii U version are not available.

In all, a largely technical list of differences. Perhaps the most disappointing one is the lack of any special editions for Wii U owners. If you were planning on spending that much on the game, you can still spend your Rupees on the new Amiibo line that will be launching at the same time. Or perhaps the differences listed above are enough to spur you into pre-ordering a Switch? Let us know what version(s) you plan on getting, and why. We’ll just be over here counting the days until release.

  • Nintenerd

    I plan on getting the Wii U version because I have a Wii U and I can’t afford the Switch. I’m so disappointed though that there will be no preorder bonus for the Wii U. But the most important thing is getting to experience the beauty of the story and the gameplay and I am okay with that.

  • zerruda

    Not cool. I bought the Wii U SOLELY for the new ‘Zelda U’ title that we were falsely promised upon the Wii U’s release. We’re getting a new Zelda, sure, but now it’s being spotlighted alongside a new $300 console. Nice, put the people who actually supported the failed Wii U on the back burner.

    • i don’t want to, but i have to agree at least partly with this.
      i’m currently in the position that i really want the Switch, simply because my favorite WiiU games (MK8, and Splatoon) have been not enough fun for me after reaching “max rank” months(year(s)?) ago and i’m totally ready for a fresh look into these games. but i don’t have enough money for the switch so i’m thinking about selling the WiiU + all games and accesoires. but it kind of feels wrong making a loss by re-purchasing pretty much the same games again.
      and obviously, i want BotW, no matter which version tho.
      but it can’t be both, and i don’t want to miss out on Spla2n/MK8D/Mario Oddysee and so on. tough! since Nintendo hasn’t been clear about the WiiU NNID > Switch Transfer / Virtual Console purchases, and no backwards compatibility at all. i don’t want to drop WWHD for example 😛
      nor do i want to repurchase it. help! 🙁

      • Fabrizio Silveri

        If you do plan to buy the Switch anyway and don’t care about the titles that are not being ported there, go sell the WiiU. You’ll make a loss at first, but you’ll be able to get Mario Odyssey and all that’s going to come out for Switch, so you’ll spend less now selling the WiiU than next year keeping both consoles, probably.

    • Fabrizio Silveri

      THEY didn’t know about Switch at that time. What should’ve they done, release a game on WiiU only, two weeks before the launch date of a new console? It doesn’t make sense, sorry.

  • Daniel

    No 1080p? For either version?

  • Henrique Tavares

    Will the Switch version have the inventory on a second screen like the Wii U version probably will? That’s quite the game changer for me, I really love this feature.

    • Ramon Medina

      I believe neither version will.

  • Film Rewind

    Well, I’m done with this website. Thanks for deleting my comment.