It just wouldn’t be a Zelda release without some special editions full of cool swag, and Breath of the Wild is no exception. Following the announcement of the game’s March 3 release date (only 7 weeks folks!) at Nintendo’s Switch Presentation, the big N announced two special editions for Link’s latest outing.

First up is the Special Edition — retailing at $99.99 in the states — which comes bundled with a Sheikah Slate carry case for your shiny new Switch, a soundtrack CD featuring selections from the game’s already epic soundtrack and the Breath of the Wild commemorative coin, first seen at E3 last year. As well as all that, the set also includes a Relic of Hyrule tapestry, featuring Calamity Ganon on one side, and a map of the game world on the other. Given the size of Breath of the Wild’s setting, that should come in pretty handy!

The second set, known as the Master Edition, comes with everything that the special edition does, as well as the piece de resistence, a Master Sword statue. NOA President Reggie Fils-Aime gave us a closer look during the Nintendo Treehouse livestream and it looks rather special. Secured in a triangle pedestal, it’s a representation of the battered and rusted sword of evil’s bane we’ve become so familiar with in Breath of the Wild’s trailers and logo. A solitary flower stands alongside to add a touch of elegance to the statue.

The Master Edition retails at $129.99 and is in very limited supply. Pre-orders are already quickly selling out so if you want to get your hands on one, you’ve gotta act fast!

Master EditionBreath of the Wild Master Edition

Special Edition BOTWBreath of the Wild Special Edition

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  • Anon

    No. The Master Edition is already sold out and was sold out within 4 hours of its availability for pre-order as far as any major US retailer is concerned. The Special Edition was close to being sold out at one of the major game retailers as of 10:00am US eastern time.

  • Monique Hardie

    Snatched that Special Edition this morning! SUCH EXCITE!!!

    • Ethan Kelley


  • Darkot

    I’m having flashbacks to the search for a copy of the Hyrule Historia collector’s edition x_x all major Canadian retailers are sold out of the master edition. Didn’t even know pre-orders went up. This is going to be a pain to get my hands on…

  • Kratos

    guess i’m the boring one that pre-ordered the regular “game only” version

  • ADHD_Link

    Sold out already. I am going to break something.

    • Daniel

      On the switch version is available for $79.99

      • ADHD_Link

        Thank you.

    • Black Sage

      Canada only got the ME version, and it was only available through EBGames, they were gone in minutes. I’m in Canada as well, I had to get the SE shipped from BestBuy’s american site to my aunt in Tennessee. Canada literally has a fraction of the market compared to the states, so we usually get boned on stuff like this. So lame.

  • Ryan Haney

    What about the Wii U version?