Though we’re only in the second week of Triforce Tributes and are currently taking fan art submissions, we want to give you a heads-up about the final week of our send-off of Zelda‘s 30th anniversary. The last week, which will take place between February 13 to 19, will feature fan-created videos. Because the nature of making videos (from planning, to filming, to editing) can take some serious time and effort, we wanted to clue you in on the requirements for submission so you can get to working on them now and have them ready to upload during video week.

As with all of the other weeks during our celebration, it’s not necessarily going to be about video quality. It’s not about how much effort or expense you pour into crafting the perfect video, or using fancy effects and software. It’s all about expressing your passion for The Legend of Zelda and showing us what this momentous game series means to you. It doesn’t matter if it’s some silly skit you filmed on VHS back in the day (we’d actually be thrilled to see old stuff like this) or if it’s just you in front of your phone camera talking about why you love Zelda. Those things matter to you, so they matter to us.

However, in order to participate in Triforce Tributes and be eligible for one of the reward prizes from Nintendo, we do have a few restrictions on your videos:

  • Your video must be three minutes in length or less. Don’t worry if it goes over by a little bit; however, we are only guaranteeing that we’ll watch up to the three-minute mark when it comes to choosing the winners. (In other words, don’t submit a two-hour Let’s Play session you made.)
  • Your video will need to be uploaded to YouTube. If you don’t have an account on YouTube, you should probably think about making one in the coming weeks. When it’s time to submit your video, you will do so by sharing the video from YouTube.
  • Your video will need to be, at least in some way, your own work. It doesn’t matter if you filmed it, directed it, starred in it, or all three. Don’t plagiarize. In order for us to verify that it is your own work, you must include the words “Submitted to Triforce Tributes” in the video description. (You can remove it after the celebration has ended).
  • Your video should capture your passion for Zelda, whatever that may be. Absolutely any video that you want to make about Zelda is welcome (as long as it complies with YouTube’s guidelines).

We know that videos can take a little bit of time, so here’s your incentive to start thinking about what you may want to do! You’ve officially got almost five weeks to get your videos ready for submission, so happy filming, and don’t break a leg!