UPDATE: The submission period has ended. You can view all of the submitted fan art in this gallery. Winners of the art prints will be announced approximately a week after January 22.

It’s the second week of Triforce Tributes, our final sendoff celebration of the 30th Anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. Last week we asked you to submit photos of your precious Zelda collections, and we received some fantastic submissions. This week, we’re changing it up; we want to see your fan art.

We love fan-created artwork. We have a weekly column dedicated to it, and we regularly showcase Zelda art on all our various social media channels. And so we’re asking you to share with us something from your portfolio that represents your favorite thing(s) in the series. It doesn’t have to be some elaborate Photoshop creation either; it could be something you drew in a notebook when you were 10 years old or something that you made in Microsoft Paint. All that matters is that you made it with love and passion for the series.

You can submit your artwork using the widget below, or via our Gleam website. View all of the artwork submitted in this gallery. For those of you who do crafting or cosplay, we have a whole separate week coming up that is dedicated to those! You’ll be able to submit them between February 6 – 12.

Triforce Tributes: Zelda fan art

Nintendo Australia is graciously supporting this celebration by doing something really special. We’re going to be selecting 10 of our favorites, and those artists will receive three pieces of artwork — randomly selected from the nine below — complete with a gold-foil trim straight out of Nintendo’s vaults.

This celebration is open to everyone regardless of where you live. It’s also not a straight-up competition; don’t assume we’re only looking for masterpieces worthy of being hung in the Louvre. It could be glorified stick figures for all we care; as long as it demonstrates your passion for Zelda, it’s still worthy in our eyes.

If you’re like me and you make stick figures look bad, it’s okay! After this, there’s still four more weeks of our celebration yet to come, and each week will allow you to participate in different ways. You can read our official Triforce Tributes announcement to see what’s coming up in order to plan ahead. And speaking of planning ahead, tomorrow we’ll be announcing the guidelines for the final week of the celebration, which will feature fan-created videos.

We plan to announce the winners of last week’s collection theme sometime next week. Similarly, we hope to announce the winners of this week’s fan art theme in two weeks.

In the meantime, may the Triforce be with you!