Happy Monday, everyone! There have been so many exciting developments and sneak peeks released for Breath of the Wild, and I find myself blown away by the new world Nintendo is creating. One thing that has stuck out to me most about the game trailers is the beautiful music that we get to cherish along with the unique and engaging new terrain. I will definitely be counting down the days to when I can finally own the soundtrack for Breath of the Wild and listen to it on my phone constantly.

But in the meantime, I have found some incredible pieces composed by Zelda fans who have been inspired by the music in the trailers for Breath of the Wild. A musician under the name of ClefferNotes has created an entire playlist of fan-made Breath of the Wild music. He has crafted a collection of pieces that even replicate sounds from the upcoming Zelda game to produce music that feels authentic and powerful. One of my favorites is definitely “Forest of Spirits”, which can be heard in the video below!

Be sure to check out his compositions as you eagerly await the official release of Breath of the Wild, and remember to like and/or subscribe to show your support.