Linebeck, as well as being one of my all time favorite Zelda characters, also has one of my favorite theme songs, and YouTube’s 72HoursRemaining made an amazing guitar-only cover of this song! Though I usually cover more orchestral covers in my articles, I really have to say I am impressed by these two guitarists. They are so in sync and work excellently together, the music feels full and present.

When playing Linebeck’s theme on the piano, my favorite part was always the bass notes, and that again is my favorite part to listen to during this piece. It just sounds so commanding, especially in the first segment. They also manage to make it sound playful as well, which I adore! It perfectly suits the captain, trying to be serious, but really a coward at heart. I also love how freely the melody is played. It doesn’t follow the original note by note, but nothing sounds out of place or wrong, especially when the artist takes creative liberties on the third run through of the song.

The original version of this song sounds more loud and assertive than this cover, but I think that’s why I enjoy it all the more. This version is more hushed and dare I even say quirky. It’s unique to the original, but that’s what’s nice about it.

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