If you ever wondered what a soundtrack for a Skyward Sword film would sound like, Rozen’s cover, “May we meet again” is exactly what you’re looking for. “Fi’s theme” is a gorgeous theme in itself, so to have such an amazing orchestration is a privilege to listen to.

The title, referencing one of the most prominent scenes of the game, is not only reminiscent of that specific part, but of the entire journey taken throughout Skyward Sword. Though the piece is primarily “Fi’s theme”, the “Ballad of the Goddess” is also included within the depth of the tune. The beginning starts out tranquil and reposeful, gradually building up to a powerhouse of instruments during the middle section.

The ending, in particular, is simply lovely. After a beautiful piano-violin duet, it turns into something of a lullaby. The music box plays, slowing down gradually. This part alone can revive those last few minutes with your faithful partner, and how emotional it was to let her go as she slips into an eternal slumber.

I always found the music of The Legend of Zelda to be a major influence over my emotions while playing a game. When I listen to this piece, I can feel both the happiness that Fi at long last expresses, as well as the sadness shared between her and her master as she departs into the Master Sword. This in itself is very much praiseworthy.

As if the music wasn’t gorgeous enough, I find it chilling the way the game’s sound effects are incorporated into the introduction and conclusion of the cover. I am curious to know if adding Fi’s actual voice would have made a grander impression, but then I hear the composition, and I am completely satisfied with what has been given.

Overall, I find this piece incredibly gorgeous, and a personal favorite of mine.I look forward to listening to more music covered by this artist! You can find many other Legend of Zelda and video game covers by Rozen at Rozen Audio on YouTube!

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