Minutes ago, Geoff Keighley — producer and creator of The Game Awards, which airs on December 1, 2016 — tweeted out a teaser image of the now-familiar Sheikah symbol from the new Legend of Zelda title, Breath of the Wild.

As Zelda fans began to foam at the mouth over what this could mean (and I include myself in that group), this was quickly followed up by a second teaser image.

At this point, it seemed clear something related to the anticipated game would be shown on Thursday, and Nintendo of America was quick to confirm this when they shared their own tweet.

So will history be repeating itself? Back when Breath of the Wild was known as only Zelda Wii U Nintendo shared an extended look at some gameplay during the 2014 Game Awards. The look at the huge overworld map set off weeks of analysis, while glimpses of wildlife and game mechanics hinted at what would eventually become gameplay staples by the reveal of the E3 2016 demo and trailer.

Could we be in store for another extended look at the gameplay? Perhaps Nintendo will finally show us some of what lies beyond the Great Plateau. Or perhaps we’ll get a new trailer that might reveal some information about Hyrule’s troubled state and Link’s role in it all. We’ll need to wait until Thursday to find out what’s in store for us, so be sure to check out The Game Awards starting with its live coverage at 8:30 PM ET / 5:30 PM PT.