At the end of The Game Awards held in Las Vegas tonight, Reggie Fils-Aime introduced Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma in a video, with the pair casually playing the new Zelda game coming exclusively to the Wii U. Yes, I just said “casually playing.”

The two, dubbed over by English translators, showed off parts of the enormous map found in the game. First, they walked up to a cliff to display a gorgeously massive world, and then they proceeded to jump off the cliff in order to demonstrate how gliding with the Sailcloth works.

Next, they showcased how Epona functions in the game. Epona can move quite well on her own, allowing the player to better focus on using weapons, such as the sword or the bow. If that wasn’t enough, Aonuma revealed a new gameplay mechanic that occurs when Link vaults off of Epona in a hurry. When jumping off the horse, the game slows down for a brief period of time so that players can aim and shoot enemies accurately with the bow.

In addition to a massive world, beautiful art design, new gameplay mechanics, and a confirmed release date in 2015, the two also showed off the GamePad a little bit to display how large the world actually is. It looks like the trailer revealed at E3 earlier this year was telling the truth.

It was confirmed again tonight that Zelda U will be released in 2015, with Star Fox U coming out before it. The Wii U software line-up is looking mighty fine right now, with Zelda U to cap it off!

  • Peter Subramanian

    I absolutely cannot wait to see more!!!! 😀

  • Sdudyoy

    Well I’m not usually one for the creepy hype train, but this trailer calls for it!

  • Just GREAT!

  • 17Haru17 .

    A pretty inopportune time to have the forums down, eh? In any case I was right about the horse parkour that was ambiguously shown at E3. They still haven’t given a title or story premise, though. That and my favorite item, the deku leaf, has finally made it’s return to a world full of mountains and cliffs and generally a lot to jump off of!

  • Thomas Andersen

    First I need to say; I havent watched the footage.. Im not going to watch the footage or read about what was in the footage!:) I really want the game to feel 100% fresh, the day I finally insert the disc into my Wii U! Its going to be hard, but Im going to make it!

    Now Ill just add my wish list for this title, since I was really dissapointed with the Gameplay in Skyward Sword. The story was pretty great though, but the Gameplay lacked a ton!

    First of all, I think we all can agree that in a huge world, there needs to be Lots of things to do! Mini Games, Mini Puzzles, Several Collectable Quests, Minor and Major Side Quests, Optional and Missable Quests and in generall interesting characters and races, that we can get to know on a deeper level. If they dont fill this world up with Tons of things to do(10x more that in Skyward Sword) the huge world will be (almost) all for nothing… Of course, these things cant Just be in there, for the sake of being in there. There needs to be som juicy rewards waiting for us, and Im not talking about heart pieces or rupies. Hopefully they focus equally much on this aspect, and not only on creating a huge world, for the sake of it being huge!:)

    Second of all, I think that we need at least 2 Difficulty Modes from the Get-go in this title! The Zelda Series is one of greatest franchises out there, expanding over two decades! This has resulted in a user base that is VERY different, not only when it comes to skill and experience but also taste in challange! Giving these two audiences the same challange from the Get-Go is nothing but unligocal! If Aonuma is going to fulfill his vision, about giving all players the “Same Experience” ..the only way he can acheve this, is if he gives us a -different experience, difficulty wise!

    On a personal note, I havent died in a Zelda Game in over 15years!!! And even without using potions and fairies in Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds, I didnt experience the pleasure dying.. does this ruin the experience?! Yes!! Gameplay Wise, it surely does ruin the overall impression of the Game!

    I know for a fact, more and more players stand behind this view. For many of us, especially we who grew up with games in the late 80s and 90s, we are used to be given a true challange in the games we play! We are used to face enemies that where placed there for a reason, and that reason was to beat us down to the ground! We needed to Practice the Bosses to be able to beat them.. I truly believe that Aonuma underestimates the avrage Zelda Gamer! But I also believe that there are lots of Zelda Gamers out there that find the challange in Zelda to be spot on.. and this is why I dont want the game itself to be harder.. but instead, that we can choose between two difficulty settings when we start the game!

    Normal & Hard!

    Normal Mode would be 100% the same as Oot, MM, WW, TP and SS! This is the challange new players are used to, and many feel is good enough! New Beginners and Novice players + Tallented Players that dont enjoy the game being Hard, will all enjoy this setting!

    Hard Mode would be more like Zelda I and II, from the NES! I think the enemies and the bosses should be a lot harder. If a boss doesnt kill you at least once, on avrage, Im not even sure he is entitled to be called a boss. If the enemies dont kill you from time to time, are they then enemies? No! If the treath isnt real, enemies and bosses turns into eye candy and time fillers! I want, in the Hard Mode, that when you see an enemy or finally reach a boss, that you Feel a real Treath! You should be on your toes, ready to give it your best.

    In Hard Mode, potions and fairies should be only 20% effectfull.. they should be a last resort. It should be a way for you, after you have died several times on a boss, to have a final chance at finally beating him, by using a potion or two, and fill up 2-4hearts. If you gain 1-2-3 new, full lifes after using potions, then this will automatically ruin the challange. So again, potions and fairies, should be a lot less effectfull and work more as a last resort!

    Hard Mode should also reduce the amount of rupies you get, forcing you to be smarter when using rupies and spend more time gathering them! In-game characters, like your side kick should offer a lot less hints! To quote the famous side kick of The Angry Video Game Nerd:

    I don’t like when they baby us. Just give us two seconds and we can figure it out on our own! – Mike Matei

    Dont underestmate us! The avrage Zelda Gamer is the most tallented player out there!:)

    + Dowsing(from Skyward Sword) just needs to be gone, the only True Exploration Killer! The way they handled the MaiMais in A Link Between Worlds was perfect! Give us a Map, and create limited areas instead of straight out tell us exactly where to go!

    Dungeons: In general when it comes to dungeons, I think they need to figure out a better way to execute them.. again, something similar to A Link Between Worlds, one of the best Zelda Games ever Created! Give us some amazing puzzles, where we really need to twist our brain to figure out the solution! Standing on a switch isnt really a puzzle, is it? Or lighting a tourch with fire.. or shooting an eye with the bow and arrow.. They worked as puzzles back in the days, because it was new, and we didnt have the experience! Now, we got Lots more Experience. We need you to create creative, brilliant, new ways to test us. This is the only way to create dungeons that arent just another “Go here, do this, then repeat” ..those dungeons feel like “Work”, and not “Play”! And to quote The Shining: “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.”

    Are you still here? Probably not, I go on for way to long with these rants! If you feel I should just sit back and take it easy, you are probably right.. but its just that Zelda is the only Video Game Series I truly care for, and one that has been with me since before I was 5years old.. 25years ago.. And I genuinly feel that after the amazingness that was Oot and MM, that the games stopped Developing.. and it stopped growing with us! Its time for Aonuma and the Zelda Team to stop “baby us” and give us the credit we deserve! This is the chance they got, to truly hit the best home run, they have ever hit.. and Im a bit affraid that they might not deliver! If its just another Skyward Sword, set in a huge open world, well.. that wont be enough. Both content wise and difficulty wise!

    So yeah, these are my thoughts on the matter! In the end, Im sure they will deliver a great game.. but I have to ask; is a “great game” really enough? ..perhaps it is, time will tell!:)

    • linkxy

      Very nice rant Thomas! Hahaha. I can’t imagine the mental fortitude it takes to remain abstinent of Zelda news going forward! I too love the Zelda games but often times find myself wanting more of a challenge. Having read the entirety of your post i need to ask you… have you every played the soul series? Everything in your post cries Dark Souls to me. If you haven’t already played these games I feel the need to recommend them. These games bring the difficulty factor back to your RPG experience and refuse to hold your hand. They are jam packed with treasure chests, items, dungeons, and crazy fun/hard boss fights. You say you haven’t died in a Zelda game in 15 years… You will not have this problem in Dark Souls hahaha. I would recommend playing Dark Souls 2 first. Please give these games a look (particularly DS2)! I see in the complaints in your post absolutely everything that makes Dark souls great. I almost never comment on other people’s posts, but i felt the need to tell you this. Btw Zelda is my favorite game series and this game play trailer made my week!!!!

      • Thomas Andersen

        Thanks! Ill at least try my best to stay away! I need to listen to the music though, since I will need to cover some pieces for my youtube channel!:)

        Thanks for your suggestion, I have bee suggested this before as well. I have thought about it, but as an “old” man, its harder to find time for new games, and its harder to get into them.. Nostalgia is a huge part of the gameing world I have today! But yes, suggestion is noted, thank you!:)

    • Alek Fleischer

      When it comes to difficulty, I bet they’ll make Hero Mode available from the start like in Wind Waker HD.

      Reducing Rupees gained by enemies in hard Mode might not be the best idea. It’d probably just end up encouraging endless grinding rather than careful spending.

      • Thomas Andersen

        I hope it will be there from the start, I dont know though.. they said the reason it was in there from the start in WWHD and Not in ALBW was that people had already played WW… meaning, they will probably not include it from the start in Zelda for Wii U.. I hope they have changed their mind though, even though I doubt it!

        About rupies.. well, I allwasy get way to much rupies, no matter what.. and this results in chests containing rupies, dont feel rewarding.. I already got to much! So by reducing the amount of rupies, chests containing rupies might feel rewarding again.. and side quests with rupies as prizes would be rewarding as well! The way WW, TP and SS was.. with overflow of rupies, well finding rupies or getting rupies never felt rewarding, and I was dissapointed when I found this greatly hidded chest.. and in it, there where 200rupes! …..”I already got 10000 rupes, I cant spend anywhere, why are you giving me 200more rupies, especially after finding this “fun to find” chest!” ..!:)

    • Kaliospectre

      Wait, aren’t you the guy who makes Zelda Piano Covers on youtube?

      • Thomas Andersen

        Yes, thats me!:)

        • Kaliospectre

          Wow, didn’t expect to see you here on a random article with a comment that’s like 10 paragraphs long. Big fan of your covers. Keep it up, good sir!

          • Thomas Andersen

            Thank you! I appreciate it!:)

    • 17Haru17 .

      Don’t worry about watching this video, there’s nothing spoilery in it, (you can hardly see the game anyway) just a few new gameplay features.

  • Ryan Haynes

    Link is still right-handed… hopefully they add a setting to switch him to a lefty.

  • antoton

    Hory shet, the scope of the map looks grand :O
    I just hope it doesn’t end up looking like a large and empty world, or a repetitive annoyance :s

  • Anthony Moseley

    Just a small observation: the use of the Sailcloth has me wondering if the game takes place several years after Skyward Sword. It also would make sense that the Link in this game is a descendant of the Link and Zelda from Skyward Sword (since the Link from SS most likely would have passed the Sailcloth through his bloodline). This would also explain why he basically looks like a mix between Link and Zelda, because he’s a descendant of both.

    Yes, I’m already theorizing! 😉

  • mrwho

    Why did you guys choose this time to update the Zelda forums? :p We’ve had nothing for months and then we finally do, but can’t discuss it! Might have been a good idea to wait until after the VGAs, even though a Zelda update seemed unlikely at the time.

    Oh well, hope the forums are back up soon.

  • mrwho

    I’m half hyped and half worried for this game. Looks great, yes, but it could end up magnifying the barrenness of TP’s overworld a thousandfold. It looks beautiful but empty at the moment. The overworld in the final version HAS to be filled with NPCs, secrets, enemies, signs of civilization, and just general curiosities, for this game to work and be successful as a Zelda game.

    • Anthony Moseley

      I wouldn’t worry too much. Remember, this is just a beta version of the game made in order to show people how the game is coming along. Considering that the game will probably be released around this time next year, I’m sure they’ll have plenty of time to add things to the overworld.

      Also, as far as “lack of civilization”, well if my theory is correct and this game does take place after Skyward Sword, then that would probably help explain why the overworld isn’t very bustling since Hyrule would have not been as developed as it was in later games. That said, I’m sure there will plenty of villages and towns to discover, just possibly not a ‘Hyrule Castle Town’ type of hub world. Though with the sheer size of the map, I’m also curious as to whether the entire land shown on the map is Hyrule, or maybe some of it’s neighboring countries will be included as well.

      And for the record, I love Twilight Princess’s overworld even though I know a lot of people didn’t. Heck, one of my favorite parts of the game was just riding Epona around and enjoying the beauty of it, but maybe that’s just me!

      • Religion0

        Considering that the E3 trailer showed something that looked suspiciously like Hyrule Castle… It could be a ruin/temple, I suppose, but it’d be a suspicious looking one.

        I liked riding around Hyrule Field, too. Especially at night, because then the music was just so hauntingly beautiful and lonesome. Too bad there wasn’t a Song of Passing/Sun so I could make it stay night.

    • Religion0

      Empty? They talked about apple trees, we saw a herd of wild horses, there were a lot of times the video skipped ahead, and I’m absolutely certain they went right past some very interesting things so we’d have to find them ourselves. And if you’ll remember the E3 trailer, it showed some goats and NPCs fleeing from a monster.
      Also, as Anthony Moseley points out, it’s still just a beta, they have time to build and add much more. If they were finished with it already, they’d be releasing it for Christmas! All we know about the release, is that it’ll probably be after E3 2015, and that’s loads of time away, if the rumours that it has one of the largest amount of people working on it in Nintendo history are true.

  • I really love how it reminds me of Shadow of the Colossus! That game was amazing, especially with me going crazy with a memory editor.

    But here is what I’m worried about:
    Is the map going to be like Skyrim? (Even skyrim wasn’t always open)
    Non-linear and free-roaming is very important to a lot of people, but many people (I think) doesn’t want everything to be as open. I like games where there is a fair mix of open. For example: Shadow of the Colossus was often open, but there was some valleys and some restrictions in ways, making it more better. Even in Skyrim, there was some ‘valleys’ as well.

    I’m worried the game is going to be way too open (not one valley anywhere) because if it gets way too open that way, then the world would feel sadly boring for me.

    Personal thoughts:

    Bad: Linear style world
    Bad: Barren world
    Good: Mixed

    But yeah, I’m hoping they will still have a mix similar to OoT, or Wind Waker or something. xD

    • Thomas Andersen

      Dont worry! I think it will be like a HUGE Oot world.. the thing is, intead of Only going through Kakariko to get to death mountain, you will now be able to enter Death Mountain from lots of different places.. not in a way that 100% of the root of death mountain is available to enter/open to walk on.. but as you mention, with some corridors here and there etc! Even for us, our open world isnt allways open, and I dont think that would be the case here as well! Sometimes, the hillside is just to steep to get up.. some times this hillside will have hookshot possibilities, sometimes there will be ravines and sometimes there will be nothing.. but the choice to walk around!:) Garanteed!:)

      • Oh nice!
        I’m mainly just hoping the actual locations won’t always be 5-6 different ways to get to the goal I think.. Like within Death Mountain for example, I would still love to see a linear way of climbing while getting there was more open. Maybe two ways up to the single goal.
        Kind of like dungeons mixing with an over world. xD
        Or how in Skyrim, there was certain places surrounded by walls or something.

        But yeah, I hope it’s not going to be barren and everything would be available at start. Haha

        • Thomas Andersen

          I think it will differe alot, some places are surounded by openess, some places will be rather closed.. If some areas arent available from that start, thats fine by me, as long as the general feel is like A Link Between Worlds!:)

  • Trinosaur

    Wowowow! This is looking really beautiful so far! And Majora’s mask and star fox are coming out BEFORE? All next year? Holy crapballs! Next year is going to be crazy.

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  • ZELDA101



    hmmm the enemies look incredibly “piggish”. Looks like Ganon will finally return to the series!! It has been a while

    I think the only thing that could kill this is an overload of the kind of bland “cutesiness” that made Skyward Sword so unbearable at times

    • Religion0

      It ha-? It has! Wow. I hadn’t realized. Thanks for reminding me.

  • Ryan Haney

    The thing that kept running through my head when watching that was “Holy $#it!”. It looks like a prettier version of LOTRO with huge areas where you can go almost anywhere. The second thing that went through my head was when I saw all that swaying grass and thought “Can we cut that grass?”. HAHA!

  • Religion0

    Wait, if Epona is semi-autonomous, how does she know where to go? Does she work kind of like King of Red Lion and you’re just making small adjustments once you’ve set her off?

    I kind of wish they hadn’t added that pretty detail that was Epona’s shoes. It’s just personal, I appreciate the attention to detail, but I’m a supporter of the metalfree movement.
    Wild horses? Yay!

    The gameplay looks awesome, and now I really will do my best to avoid any more spoilers for it, so it won’t tempt me into buying a Wii U prematurely. I mean, what if it gets a really cool special edition?

    On an utterly unrelated note, damn my internet for not being able to deal with the HD image! Anyone else having frame-rate issues on HD?

  • Religion0

    On a different note, I remember reading some people talking about the graphics as if they were a very pretty version of SS. It isn’t. It’s much more like reality than we see in all those “realistic looking” games like COD and… whatever else they’re called, I don’t care for them. Reality isn’t brown and grey and gritty, especially not in nature. Reality is green and red and blue and surprisingly white and vibrant as well as shades of brown and yellow and grey. Reality isn’t brown, it’s *vibrant*. Authors love to play with this, showcasing something stupendously colourful and beautiful in juxtaposition to something horrendous and sad. I love when they do that.
    By the way, this game looks gorgeous. I will probably have to remind myself that I do not need a bigger TV to see that game on repeatedly every time I play.

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