At the end of The Game Awards held in Las Vegas tonight, Reggie Fils-Aime introduced Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma in a video, with the pair casually playing the new Zelda game coming exclusively to the Wii U. Yes, I just said “casually playing.”

The two, dubbed over by English translators, showed off parts of the enormous map found in the game. First, they walked up to a cliff to display a gorgeously massive world, and then they proceeded to jump off the cliff in order to demonstrate how gliding with the Sailcloth works.

Next, they showcased how Epona functions in the game. Epona can move quite well on her own, allowing the player to better focus on using weapons, such as the sword or the bow. If that wasn’t enough, Aonuma revealed a new gameplay mechanic that occurs when Link vaults off of Epona in a hurry. When jumping off the horse, the game slows down for a brief period of time so that players can aim and shoot enemies accurately with the bow.

In addition to a massive world, beautiful art design, new gameplay mechanics, and a confirmed release date in 2015, the two also showed off the GamePad a little bit to display how large the world actually is. It looks like the trailer revealed at E3 earlier this year was telling the truth.

It was confirmed again tonight that Zelda U will be released in 2015, with Star Fox U coming out before it. The Wii U software line-up is looking mighty fine right now, with Zelda U to cap it off!