Back in July we told you about a gorgeous looking Majora’s Mask fan film that was slated to appear this year. Well now that film has finally dropped and it’s every bit as stunning as the trailer would suggest.

Created by Ember Labs and Theophany, the video shows Skull Kid’s first meeting with Tatl and Tael, and their subsequent friendship, before depicting the moment when he becomes consumed by Majora’s mask itself. The video also features Joe Zieja as the voice of the Happy Mask Salesman, who recently voiced Fox McCloud in the animated short that preceded the latest StarFox release, Starfox Zero: The Battle Begins.

It forms part of a promotional push for Theophany’s tribute album to Majora’s Mask. Time’s End II is the follow up to 2012’s Time’s End and continues the story of Link’s quest to stop the moon from crashing into Termina. It’s a free album, released as a thank you to fans who have supported Theophany since the release of the first album, and can be downloaded here.

The video itself is beautifully animated, and really captures the dark vibe of Majora’s Mask without descending into out and out horror. Frankly, if you ask me, Nintendo should be hitting them up to create a full-length adaptation. Check it out for yourself below!

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