If you were going to select music from a Zelda game to play at the end of the world, not many people would deviate from picking Majora’s Mask. This Zelda game has some of the saddest, and darkest music in the series. Seeing as the end of the world is nearly upon us, a person known as Theophany has decided to release a Majora’s Mask remix album on the day the world ends! As of this post, we have less than 48 hours to go!

The project, known as Theophany Remix, has a website with the countdown to the last day right here. Along with the countdown, it plays a very chilling remix of the Final Hours. Theophany Remix has been worked on for a long time now and promises to be a great album of music from Majora’s Mask. Artwork for the project has been released, as seen below.

Personally, I think it looks incredible! If you are interested in following the updates from Theophany Remix, you can do so on Facebook or on Twitter. I, for one, am excited about this project! Thoughts and comments?

Source: Terrible Fate