Recently, I have purchased Animal Crossing: New Leaf and I must say I am loving it, and by loving it I mean it’s stolen my soul. With the upcoming news from Nintendo Direct, information about Zelda themes and characters making an appearance has made its way around the internet, and hearing this I could not be more excited! While the commotion is spreading like wildfire, RoyalNoir has expressed excitement for the latest updates with this refreshingly adorable fan art of Breath of the Wild Link with his Animal Crossing Wolf Link counterpart!

This artwork is precious in every sense of the word! The characters, in particular, steal the show. Wolf Link is precious with his big eyes, and the expression on Breath of the Wild Link’s face is priceless. Not to mention, the art style is simply gorgeous! It has a painterly feel to it, using a warm color scheme. The colors blend so nicely together and merge the two different game styles as one. I have to say, one of my favorite details is the decals on their Nintendo DS’s — What a nice touch!


Fan art like this makes me super excited for all of the updates that lie ahead in Animal Crossing as well as Breath of the Wild’s release. I know that even after the updates have been surpassed by others, and even after the next game after Breath of the Wild, this art will still be relevant in its simply sweet story of a boy and a wolf.