When you think of 8-bit sprites, “cuddly” usually doesn’t come to mind. These Zelda cushions coming to Japan look to change that.

Available in two styles, the cushions’ designs draw from the original Legend of Zelda for the NES. The familiar sprite of Link with his shield in hand is already available in a cushion form thanks to the World of Nintendo line of toys, but the stiff foam that stuffs it can’t compare to the plushy look of these cushions. They’re perfect for supporting your arms as you while away hours with your favorite Zelda game, and they won’t mind soaking up your tears if you find Ganon defeating you one too many times.

link plush sprite  link plush triforce

Each cushion also has the Legend of Zelda logo on the back in gold thread.

link plush sprite backlink plush triforce back

If you don’t want to wait for these to come to the West (if ever) you can pre-order both the normal Link sprite and the Triforce sprite over on Play Asia for $24.99 each. Better be quick, though, because the pre-order deadline is November 13, 2016. Both cushions are set to ship by the middle of December. Will you be picking either of these up?