While scouring the interwebs for this week’s Music Monday piece and almost dying from choice anxiety (well done Zelda fans), I came across this amazing piece of art by Youtube user Jeesh. Check it out below.

I’m a huge fan of Alice by Youtube user Pogo and what Pogo did for Alice in Wonderland, Jeesh has done for The Legend of Zelda video games. For those who are not in the know, these particular artists take clips and sound bites from one video game or movie and then remix it to create an entirely new piece of music. In this case, Jeesh has taken sound effects and video clips from almost every game in The Legend of Zelda franchise (including the CDi games if you needed to know). The result is an upbeat, fun dance remix that I know I’m going to be dancing to at my next silent disco meeting.

Also worth checking out Starkiller Bass by Jeesh, which remixes Star Wars: The Force Awakens to great effect.

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