Eager NX fans over on Reddit have gone traipsing through the code for the Nintendo of Europe website and have uncovered a possible tidbit of information regarding the release date of the Breath of the Wild Amiibo. The image they found appears to give the release date for the Link Archer Amiibo as March 4, 2017. Likewise, the source code within the site lists the same release date for all three of the Breath of the Wild Amiibo.

This March release date ties into the projected release for the NX, and whilst Nintendo have yet to say whether or not Breath of the Wild will be a launch title for the console, this leak would seem to suggest that could well be the case.

BOTW amiibo release date

Before we start getting too excited though, a couple of provisos. March 4, 2017 is actually a Saturday, somewhat of a bizarre day to launch new figures, never mind a new game or new hardware. Eagle-eyed fans have also noticed that March 4 was the release date for the Twilight Princess Wolf Link Amiibo, so it’s entirely possible that someone working on the site copied that date as part of a test and the thing managed to find it’s way onto the website.

Regardless, all of this trickling of NX rumours and information lately seems to be giving the impression that some sort of announcement is coming soon. Surely, surely, we haven’t got too much longer to wait!