The Wii’s swansong, Skyward Sword, is now available on the Wii U Virtual Console, and NintenDaan has shared the first thirty minutes of the game.

Like many Wii games, Skyward Sword’s graphics may not have aged gracefully — largely due to its Impressionism-inspired art style — but it’s no less a game worth playing if you’re a Zelda fan and have, for some reason, put off experiencing it. Not to mention you’ll be getting a 35+ hour-long game for only $19.99, which will help to fill that void until Breath of the Wild releases. Let’s just hope Skyward Sword gets its much-deserved remaster on the NX like several of its brethren have received on recent consoles.

  • LinksDaydream

    its aged a heck of a lot better than Twilight princess, thats why artistic styles are better to go with than “realistic” ones, or in TP’s case “muddy foggy ones” wind waker though i think stood up the best out of the 3D zelda games

  • Hope Cringe

    I have to make this comment out of adoration rather than criticism, as I’m a big fan of Zelda Universe and you by extension, Emilie. I understand you guys are having some issues maintaining talent so far as bringing in individuals with writing experience, HTML/coding experience, and so forth, but it’s glaring in that there has to be at least some QC in each of these fields. This is an example of an article that is needlessly populated with author opinion that is irrelevant to the topic at hand. If you are not fond of the art style of Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword, you are certainly entitled to that opinion, Emilie, that is a perfectly fine opinion to have, I suggest an article titled “My Thoughts On Skyward Sword In The Wake Of Wii U VC Release”. But when you are writing an article titled “NintenDaan shares the first thirty minutes of download footage from Skyward Sword”, which aims to discuss the availability of thirty minutes of video footage from the game’s Wii U Virtual Console release, the writing must stay on topic; personal opinion on how dated the game’s visuals appear are not relevant to the subject matter, as the author is reporting a story. The opinion would be relevant if it came from NintenDaan, who is involved in the story being discussed, or Nintendo, the party responsible for the game’s development. But as the author, unless the game’s visuals somehow relate to the fact that NintenDaan has released 30 minutes worth of game footage from its Virtual Console release, or relate to the fact the game has been released on the Wii U Virtual Console, their visuals are largely irrelevant to the topic at hand. Just my two cents.

    • draug419

      If you have a problem with the way I present news content, then by all means find a news source that presents information as dry bullet points.

      • Hope Cringe

        No problem, my friend, please don’t take offense. There is something to be said for maintaining focus in writing, that’s all. No offense meant.

    • Reece Heather

      Hey there!

      Thanks for your comment. I can see your point about an opinion dominating all facts in an article; it’s a fine line trying to find that right balance. I think it’s fair to say that everyone has their own preference; some want cold hard facts and nothing more, whereas others like to read opinions, and others want something in between.

      Me, I like to encourage all of our writers to inject their own personality into our articles, as well as all the necessary information relevant to the topic at hand. We have a huge community here, and that’s something I like to reflect on the home page. By adding some casual dialogue and opinions, that then encourages readers to participate, and gets a discussion going. That’s one of my favourite things about working here: interacting with you guys.

      I’m gonna respectfully disagree with your comment in this particular article, however. I DO think that Emilie’s opinion is on topic, as the main aspect to draw from this video is the game’s visuals. So by her commenting on the graphics, I feel that that’s relevant and encourages others to chip in with their input. That’s my (and the other editor’s) personal sentiment.

      As I say though, everyone has their preferences on content and tone in articles, and I understand why you may disagree. We will definitely take your feedback into consideration for everything we publish in the future, and I highly appreciate you taking the time to give us some detailed advice.

      Thanks and have a pleasant day! 🙂