Possibly the most divisive Zelda title ever, Skyward Sword is releasing today on the Wii U virtual console.

Announced during a string of Zelda news during today’s 3DS Direct to mark the series’ 30th anniversary, the Wii title will be available on the Wii U in its original form — no HD remaster yet unfortunately — so you’ll need a Wii remote with Motion Plus and nunchuk in order to play.

For all it’s waggly shortcomings, having recently replayed it, it stands up as a great game and features some of the best cinematography of any game in the series for my money. If you’re okay with motion controls, there’s some fantastic puzzle and dungeon design too. What say you Zelda Universe? Will you be picking this one up again to revisit — or perhaps explore for the first time — on Wii U?