Breath of the Wild was revealed quite a while ago — almost three months ago now, and with so many footage of the game revealed, it is extremely tedious and time consuming to go through all the footage and analyze it. However, GameXplain have taken it amongst themselves to compile all the footage, analyze it, and give you all the important information you might want to know.

If you tuned in to watch E3 back un June, then you probably already know all the basic stuff about the game. However, GameXplain, went above and beyond with their analysis, providing their own theories on things like Hyrule Castle, the Guardians, and what exactly caused the Temple of Time to fall. Even more impressive than that, is the fact that they analyzed all the footage to find out the approximate locations of all the important landmarks on correlation with the game map that was also revealed. It’s worth noting that the “T”s in the map represent the resurrection towers. Take a look below.

breath of the wild locations

GameXplain also theorize where exactly in the timeline this game would fit in, placing it under the downfall timeline, citing Link’s 100-year slumber and A Link to the Past as possible evidence. If you wish to watch their entire analysis, the video is down below (you might need some snacks for this, because it’s a long analysis). If you only wish to see the part where they explain the landmarks’ location on the map and their timeline theory, jump over to 1:29:19 on the video.