While Nintendo’s E3 coverage of Breath of the Wild was extensive, that hasn’t stopped them from releasing bits and pieces of footage that focus on what was revealed. The camera angles might be new, but not much else is in these short videos if, like me, you’ve already watched the E3 footage front to back. But after over a year with no information, I’m not one to complain about recycled footage.

Especially when said footage can in fact show off something new here and there. This week, the official Legend of Zelda page for the UK and Ireland shared two such videos. The first showcases parts of the Magnesis trial, and we can see how everything from metal beams to treasure chests themselves can be lifted and manipulated. As we learned during E3, items held by Magnesis can be used to attack enemies. I don’t know about all of you, but I’m looking forward to beating up some Bokoblins with the very treasure chests they protect.

The second video is my favorite of the two. It shows off several of the Runes with some clever uses, such as an amusing combination of Stasis and an explosive barrel. All of the footage is taken from the Great Plateau demo, which begs the question: What sort of trouble Link can get up to in a wider variety of environments with these Runes at his disposal?

No doubt using the Runes in unconventional ways will lead to different approaches when it comes to enemies and puzzles, and possibly offering up a greater variety of combat than any Zelda game yet. Are you already thinking up ideas of how to use these Runes to your advantage? Share your thoughts with us!

Breath of the wild stasis


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