Last week, Eurogamer reported from its sources suggesting that the NX will be a handheld console with detachable controllers. Nintendo fan and NeoGAF user, Pittree, created these amazing mock ups based upon those rumours and the results are amazing.

NX mock up

Pittree originally submitted this mock up on July 27 to NeoGAF (presumably before reading the Eurogamer article) and it showcases the NX as being a handheld with dual analogue sticks and a front-facing camera. The design and form factor is clearly inspired by previous Nintendo handhelds and consoles, such as the DS Lite’s white, plastic casing and D-pad, the colored buttons from the SNES, and the home button from the Wii U.

Following the rumours of the detachable controllers, Pittree then adjusted their concept to reflect the changes as seen in the concept images below.

NX mock up

What’s interesting about the new concepts is that Pittree has decided to get rid of the front-facing camera and replaced the Wii U style home button with a new, slimmer button so that the screen is much more prominently featured. Additionally, Pittree has also changed the D-pad to the colored buttons, added shoulder buttons, and added speakers so that each controller is mostly symmetrical. There is one difference, however, between the controllers, and that is the little LED power indicators are on opposite sides on each controller, presumably to identify the difference between player one and player two, or right and left, or both.

It’s very easy to determine the scale of the handheld from the original concept as it looks similar to the Wii U gamepad. However, the newer concept makes things slightly more difficult. If, for instance, the screen size is similar to that of the iPhone 6s Plus, then the controllers will be quite small and fiddly once detached. On the other hand, if the screen was much bigger to allow bigger controllers to attach to it, it may be difficult to fit inside pockets, compromising it’s ability to be a handheld.

Pittree also showcases several different gameplay scenarios involving both single and multiplayer experiences. These experiences look really fun, especially the ability to play top-down multiplayer games like the baseball game shown in the concepts. I can imagine myself and a friend (if I had any) on a long train journey passing by the time playing something like this.

Coming up with mock-ups based on rumours can be extremely difficult, but there is no doubt that the Nintendo fan community consists of some talented individuals that can come up with amazing renderings like the ones shown by Pittree. This is actually my favourite moment in time when the rumor mill is at its peak right before the final product is revealed, as it allows me to see the amazingly sleek, elegant, and sometimes strange concepts that the Nintendo fan community comes up with.

I almost wish Nintendo would delay their Nintendo NX reveal. Wait, I take that back.

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