Playing a Legend of Zelda game takes you on a fantastic adventure, but even pre-ordering is a quest in itself. Whenever a new game comes out that I know I want, I go straight to the store and put it on reserve. I have always been the type of person who would do this as soon as a game’s release date has been announced, but when only the teaser poster for Skyward Sword came out, I was on top of it like nobody’s business.

Still being in high school, I begged my mom to drive me to the mall to put the game on reserve. It was only about two years ago that they finally opened a local Gamestop where I lived. Before then, there were no gaming stores near us, so we had to drive a good half hour out to the nearest one in the mall. Luckily my mother wanted to do some clothes shopping, so once we arrived, we split up and I made my way to GameStop.

While I was there I picked up a used copy of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, and made my way to the cashier. Before I finished my purchase, I asked, “Um, can I also put the new Zelda game on reserve?”

“You mean Spirit Tracks? That’s already out,” the man replied.

“No, I already have that one, I mean the new one for Wii.” I clarified, “They just released a poster for it. It doesn’t have an official name or anything yet, but I just wanted to know if I could put it on reserve.” The cashier gave me an odd look before typing into the computer in front of him. A few quick seconds later he gave me a nod with a surprised look on his face.

“Yeah, you can put it on reserve.”

“I’ll do that then!” And as of that moment, I had reserved Skyward Sword.


Now, the teaser poster came out a good year or so before Skyward Sword released (I can’t exactly remember, all I know is that it felt like an eternity). As more news came out, I followed closely to each new detail about the game. The score was thrilling, Fi was beautifully designed, and the gameplay in the trailer looked absolutely fantastic. I could not wait!

The day arrived, November 20, 2011. I had called days in advance to make sure the reservations were still made. I did put it on hold quite early, and I tended to have a bit of an unlucky streak. Thankfully my reservation was confirmed, and things were going my way. I had also planned in advance with my mother that we would be going to the mall on this particular date. Another step in the right direction.

We arrived at the mall, and I rushed to GameStop. I stood on line, grinning from ear to ear. I approached the cashier, and soon after received my copy of Skyward Sword. I walked back to the car with my mother, staring at the gold, glimmering box. Once we reached the car, I unsealed the package and started reading the back of the case. I noticed that the box was rather heavy, and thought it must just be the manual. I still inspected the inside to find there were two discs, one being the game disc and the other a copy of The Legend of Zelda’s 25th anniversary soundtrack. The whole half-hour ride home I blasted Zelda music through the speakers (so long as it wasn’t Saria’s Song, my mom didn’t mind).

Everything changed as soon as the game finally appeared on my television screen, and after that, I could hardly remember the aggravations of everything before.

Finally the moment of truth arrived. It was time to start this long-awaited adventure. I inserted the disc into the Wii. Chills ran down my spine as the music played and the title appeared. I clicked “Start” only to discover that this game required the Wii Motion Plus, something I had never even heard of.

I went to my mom crying — literally crying — saying we had to go back. I am so grateful to have a mother who is so patient with me because she did take me and didn’t complain once. It was another half hour there and back to get the attachment, but we did it. The whole time I was boiling mad.

“Why couldn’t they put it in bold print on the box that we needed the extension?” I shouted. I later discovered that it actually was on the box, but to be fair it was in the corner in rather fine print. Not even the soothing sounds of the orchestrated soundtrack could calm me down. It’s a good thing I didn’t find out about the golden Wii Remotes until after this fiasco; I pre-ordered too early to get my hands on that, and I don’t think I could have taken the news.

After our second venture out, I got home, hooked up the Wii Motion Plus to my Remote, and started to feel better once I saw the title screen again. I clicked start, then suffered through the agony that was the Wii Motion Plus tutorial. I already had it plugged in as the tutorial dragged on. I just wanted to play, dang it! Everything changed as soon as the game finally appeared on my television screen, and after that, I could hardly remember the aggravations of everything before. My adventure in Skyloft had now truly begun.