AbdallahSmash026 has shared over an hour of uncut footage from the Breath of the Wild demo from E3 2016. In these videos, you can see Abdallah’s full experience with both the exploration and story demos.

The area shown in the demo at E3 is only 2 percent of the full world map. It’s likely that despite the dozens of hours of gameplay uploaded in the last week there are still areas of the Great Plateau we have not yet seen.

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  • Michael Cortorreal

    Well it is true…just the area around the Temple of Time seems interesting enough, lorewise I kind of wished people would have explored that area slowly, showing the place to see if there were more connections to OoT.

    There are some other areas that would have been more explored, but that’s fine, :3 I shall do all that exploration myself once I lay my hands on the game.

  • Larry Guest

    The Modder?